ESD Forum 2012

ESD Forum 2012 takes place in Tokyo from 10 to 21 August
(including the International Youth Day on 12 August).

The ESD Forum™ is an international conference on
Economy, Society and Environment. The ESD Forum 2012
is a summer university program it is a contribution to the
UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD).

Schedule [pdf] | Poster [pdf]

Speakers | Topics


Session 1
10/08 Arrival and Orientation at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
11/08 Opening / Keynotes
12/08 International Youth Day
13-17/08 Selected Topics in Economy, Society and Environment; UNU, Meiji Shrine Visit

Session 2
18-20/08 Departure (18/08) or Visits / Tour
including Miraikan, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Political Talk & Parliament

21/08 Departure or Extension (21-25/08 with JUNEC)
*Note ESD Forum 2012 including Economic Talk, Political Talk and Ambassador Meeting™


ESD Forum 2011 [Link]
ESD - What does it mean? [pdf] | International Youth Day [pdf]
UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UN DESD) [pdf]

Special Thanks
Prof. Jurgen Kluge, Haniel; Duncan Niederauer, NYSE
Junior United Nations Eco Workshop (JUNEC)
United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS)
Sponsor: Daimler / Mercedes-Benz

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