Economic Science: What is it about? [pdf]

The theory of the business enterprise and its growth developed in the 20th century. Research literature review suggests capitalism's unparalled growth - however also reveals a "huge gap in the literature" and a "mysterious absence of any serious theoretical literature that seeks to explain systematically to what this unparalleled record of accomplishment can be attributed". (Source: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Growth Mechanism of the Free-Enterprise Economies, Princeton University Press 2006: 158/159)

What to do research on?

To explore economic science, students can do research on a topic in one of the following research areas.

  • B.Phil. (h.c.): Business growth, economic growth, sustainability.
  • M.Phil. (h.c.): Business growth, economic growth, sustainability, evolutionary economics.
  • Ph.D. (h.c.): Business growth, economic growth, sustainability, evolutionary economics, theory of the business enterprise, or an alternative research area.

What to get out of it?

Economic understanding, business acumen, academic excellence

How to get involved?

  • Eligibility: Entry qualification is Twelfth Grade, A Level, IB Diploma or equivalent for B.Phil. (h.c.); bachelor's degree or equivalent for M.Phil. (h.c.); master's degree or equivalent for Ph.D. (h.c.) enrollment. To prove entry qualification, applicants are required to obtain a credential evaluation (Type: General Evaluation) from Educational Perspectives (see www.edperspective.org); this can be securely shared with iuventum. Furthermore, applicants must publish in a peer-reviewed journal or conference.
  • Language: English. To prove English proficiency, international applicants can supplement their application by submitting an official TOEFL score report via ETS. The ETS code of iuventum is 6407.
  • Mode of Study: Correspondence education and self-paced study.
  • Thesis Preparation and Degree: Students are required to submit a thesis (two hard copies on A4 paper and a soft copy as a pdf file) and to publish in a peer-reviewed journal or conference. For B.Phil. (h.c.), submit a thesis of at least 30 pages and one journal or conference publication; for M.Phil. (h.c.), submit a thesis of at least 60 pages and two journal or conference publications; for Ph.D. (h.c.), submit a thesis of at least 120 pages and three journal or conference publications. Submission is by mail and usually students can expect to receive their research guidelines by mail within 4 weeks after enrollment.
  • Enrollment: The total fee is €1600 for B.Phil. (h.c.), €2500 for M.Phil. (h.c.) and €3600 for Ph.D. (h.c.) enrollment. 25% of the fee will be withheld in case of cancellation. Application, research area and fee transfer will be confirmed for enrollment.

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